Staging & Styling

I’ll meet you in-person to develop the perfect solution for your home, event, or commercial space.


How it Works


Step 1

Tell me about your project by applying below. Share as much information as possible so I can help make the most of your design time! We will then schedule a 30-minute free consultation to learn more about you and your project.


Step 2

After you purchase the desired package, I reach out to confirm the details of when and where I can help you. I show up, style and restyle until we get it just right. Then you get to enjoy your freshly styled space!


What I Offer


REsidential spaces

You have great taste in design and already own all the right pieces. You simply need my help in placing your items to make everything visually cohesive. I’ll suggest furniture arrangements, restyle your decor, and move things around so we make the most of your space.

Corporate Events

You’re hosting an event and looking to create a particular atmosphere for your guests. I do staging and styling for corporate brand’s events. You can hire me to rock your pop-up shop, brand event, or influencer party with the most Instagram-worthy guest experience.

Private Events

You have a vision for your event and need me to bring it to life. I design everything from formal cocktail parties to rustic long table dinners. I assist with event decor, day-of styling and decorating. I love all things intentional and beautiful so let’s make your event beyond memorable for you and your guests.


You’re the perfect client if:

  • You’re looking for assistance freshen up your home, style your space or stage your event.

  • You already have the right pieces, you simply need help placing them and making everything look cohesive.

  • You want your space to more clearly reflect who you really are, your daily rituals, and what’s important to you.

  • You’ve got a clear vision of what you want to create for your space or event

  • You’re an excellent communicator and you can clearly articulate your desires.

  • You just need a little bit of love in your space - either in one room or a few. My packages are for 2-hours, 5-hours, or 10-hours.

  • You’re located in Dallas County. (If you are located elsewhere, I’m available for travel).





Do you only offer staging and styling for clients in Dallas County? Currently, my packages are only for Dallas County residents only. If you’re located somewhere else, we can create a custom a la carte solution. Please note, I do require all airfare, ground travel, and my travel time to be fully compensated.

I need your help, but I don’t live in Dallas. You’d be a perfect fit for virtual interior design. Take at my services and if you’re still unsure, let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how I can help bring your vision to life!

How does billing work? After you apply and chat for our 30-minute consult call, you’ll purchase your package right off the website here! Everything is paid up front and in full before I come over and work my magic. No surprise bills or extra charges. Transparency and simplicity is the name of the game!

How do you charge for drive time? Drive time is included in the package. For example, when you hire me for 5 hours of work and I need to commute for 1 hour total, then I’ll be there in person to support you for 4 hours.

What if I need some new furniture too? You can also purchase a virtual interior design package. That would enable us to do in-person staging and styling and I could also hand-select some gorgeous items for your space. Take a look at this package.

Can I hire you for other staging and styling projects? Yes! Please get in touch and share your vision with me.

What currency is this? USD. Everything is in USD site-wide.

What are your terms and conditions? Great question! You can find them here. You’ll also be signing them when I onboard you as a client.



Now, pick which style represents your taste the best! I’ll use it as a starting point for your design. I’ll be asking you about it in the application below.








Apply Now

Staging and styling projects are by application only. Please fill out this form below and if you are an aligned fit, I’ll be in touch for a free 30-minute call!

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