Hey, i’m Zan!

My love for interior design (according to my mom) began on a weekend trip to Rainbow, Texas. Our hotel had a new (to me) TV channel called HGTV and I was pretty much glued to it all weekend. Fast forward, I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design and entered into the commercial design world. With a full-time design job, I still found myself craving a creative outlet. So, I started my blog, Life With Zan. Three years later, it snowballed into my own interior design business.


I design spaces that honor your everyday rituals


What I Offer

I’m ready to support you through virtual interior design, staging and styling. I work with clients both locally and globally through Skype!


What I can do for you:

Interior Design

Ready for a refresh? Let's make it happen with some high vibe interior design! Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and I want you to feel good living in your beautiful space.

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Staging & Styling

You’ve got all the pieces and need someone to put it together? Your home is already beautiful, let’s take it to the next level with staging and intentional styling.


What makes me different:

Honesty + Integrity: Clarity in what my clients are getting, how much my design services cost, and true transparency are the most important to me.

Energy + Alignment: Your home is a reflection of who you are and what brings you joy. It's my job to develop a space that feels energetically aligned with your lifestyle and everyday rituals.

Virtual Work: You don’t need to live in Dallas to work with me! I connect with my clients through Skype to develop a virtual design tailored to you.


Fun Tidbits


I’m a cat mom

Meet Ricard Pryor aka Richie Kitty. I never thought I’d be a cat mom until I fell for this little guy!

He plays fetch so he’s basically a dog anyway.


meet Shelby

We met online while living in different states. Four days later she had a one hour layover in Dallas where we met in person. Two weeks after that I visited her in Nashville and nine months later she moved to Dallas!

Shelby is a photographer and took all of the pretty photos for my website!

(The first thing I ever said to her was that I thought she looked like Jennifer Lawrence).


beauty is everywhere

My love for beautiful things doesn’t stop at interior design. I live for beautiful makeup, skincare, candles and perfume. They make for the perfect styling props as well!


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